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Introducing New Conferencing Features

Telnyx has a suite of conferencing features to embed feature-rich audio conferencing into your applications.

Pete Christianson
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Great news — Telnyx now has a suite of audio conferencing features that will make it easier than ever to embed feature-rich audio conferencing into your applications. Connect people and teams wherever they are in the world with granular, real-time control over your audio conferencing.

Call Control API (Conferencing Features)

The Telnyx Voice API now includes these new conferencing features:
  • Configurable behavior to play sounds when new participants join or leave
  • Specify hosts that control global conference behavior
  • Decide if participants should automatically be put on hold when joining
  • Choose participants to place on mute when joining
  • Define a length of time after which the conference automatically ends
  • Once a conference ends, get specific information on the conference including the reason for ending
  • List active conferences
  • Mute and unmute participants
  • Hold and unhold participants
  • Keep all participants on hold until a host arrives
Using Call Control, customers can programmatically make, manage and route calls globally to any device — phone, app or browser. Some key use cases that can now benefit from feature-rich conferencing include contact center and UCaaS platforms, cloud-based IVRs, call tracking solutions, AI applications and omnichannel routing, to name a few.
Ready to start building conferencing into your application? Stop by our Developer Center to check out the API docs or follow our step-by-step conferencing tutorial.
Questions? Get in touch with our team of experts.
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