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  • SMS Product Manager Tony
    Guides & Tutorials

    Demo: Purchase a Phone Number with Telnyx

    Search, purchase and provision from thousands of available phone numbers in the Telnyx Mission Control Portal. Heres how:

  • SMS Product Manager Tony
    Guides & Tutorials

    Demo: Porting Your Phone Number to Telnyx

    Ready to port your phone number to Telnyx? Here's a quick video demo on how to do just that.

  • Sending SMS
    Guides & Tutorials

    Send your First SMS with the Telnyx Python SDK

    In this guide, messaging engineer Badal Moradia will walk you through sending your first SMS using our Python SDK.

  • FastPort Video Thumbnail
    New Products & Features

    Number Porting Made Simple With FastPort®

    Experience hassle-free porting on a global scale via our easy-to-use portal and API. Watch this video to see FastPort® in action.

  • People using Media Streaming APIs
    New Products & Features

    Use Media Streaming APIs to unlock new insights

    Media Streaming APIs provide instant access to your raw call media. With them, you can deliver exceptional customer experiences.

  • FastPort Thumbnail
    Insights & Resources

    FastPort® — Free, Automated Porting

    Porting phone numbers between carriers can be frustrating. Introducing FastPort® — a seamless solution to save you time and money.

  • CTIA guidelines heading
    Insights & Resources

    CTIA guidelines: Mastering messaging compliance

    Learn about CTIA guidelines and how they ensure your messaging program stays compliant.

  • SMS Reference banner
    Insights & Resources

    Telnyx SMS Reference Guide

    Get up to speed with everything you’ll need to know to get the most from Telnyx Programmable SMS.

  • Multichannel User Authentication: Telnyx Verify API
    New Products & Features

    Telnyx Launches Programmable Voice API: Call Control

    Telnyx Call Control allows customers to connect and control calls globally and offers more granularity.

  • IoT glossary thumbnail image
    Insights & Resources

    IoT glossary - All things IoT

    Cellular IoT is on its way up. And, there are a lot of terms associated with the new technology.

  • Telnyx Termination with Plivo Thumbnail
    Insights & Resources

    Use Telnyx with Plivo and Save 40% on Voice Costs

    By making one simple change to your existing Plivo XML code, you can take advantage of our enterprise-grade network and save 40%.

  • BYOC Twilio Thumb
    Guides & Tutorials

    Use Telnyx with Twilio and Save 40% on Voice Costs

    Looking to improve the call quality of your TwiML application? You can do this in minutes & save 40% on voice costs.

  • RealEstateSMS RCthumb@2x (1)
    Insights & Resources

    Best Practices and Principles to Stay PIPEDA Compliant

    PIPEDA regulations are Canada’s equivalent to the European Union’s GDPR and CCPA laws in California.

  • TeXML Translator Video Thumbnail
    Guides & Tutorials

    Build a Text-to-Speech App in 5 Minutes with TeXML

    Watch the video to learn how to write a simple text-to-speech TeXML app using Telnyx Call Control in just a few lines of code.

  • Telnyx Global Expansion Press Release Thumbnail
    News & Events

    Global Expansion - New Offices in Dublin and Warsaw

    Telnyx is expanding with new offices in Dublin & Warsaw and plans to open sites in Sao Paolo & Amsterdam in the future.

  • How to navigate GDPR regulations
    Insights & Resources

    How to Navigate GDPR Regulations

    The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is more thorough and all-encompassing than almost any other data protection laws.

  • RealEstateSMS RCthumb@2x
    Insights & Resources

    Using Real Estate SMS: Templates and Best Practices

    In the real estate industry, SMS can help you both improve client communications and gain an advantage over the competition

  • SIP Trunking Fact Sheet Thumbnail
    Insights & Resources

    [Fact Sheet] Global Numbers

    Instantly provision local, national and toll-free numbers globally. Make and receive calls, or send SMS globally with the API

  • Telnyx for Startups Hero
    News & Events

    Startups Program-Help Entrepreneurs Grow Businesses

    Initiative provides verified startups with a genuine use for Telnyx products $10,000 in free Telnyx credit.

  • Outbound Calling Price Drop Thumbnail
    New Products & Features

    New and Improved Price for Outbound Calls

    What’s better than crystal clear calls? Making those same high-quality calls at an even lower cost.

  • ucaas thumbnail
    Insights & Resources

    [Fact Sheet] UCaas

    Businesses need more efficient ways to collaborate, with their communications tools in one place for streamlined user experience.

  • SMS Numbers and Traffic Types Explained
    Insights & Resources

    What is an SMS number? SMS number types explained

    A SMS number is a set of digits or characters that is used to address a text message (also known as SMS).

  • CPaaS Scaling Your Communications Thumbnail
    Insights & Resources

    [eBook] Scaling Your Communications With CPaaS

    Find out what you should be looking for when choosing a CPaaS provider.

  • Contact Center Fact Sheet Thumbnail
    Insights & Resources

    [Fact Sheet] Contact Center

    Build custom calling experiences on an enterprise-grade global IP network.Telnyx offers scalable voice API

  • choose-right-cell-iot-provider Thumbnail
    Insights & Resources

    Guide to IoT Solution Providers

    Choosing a carrier for your next IoT project? Here's everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

  • South Carolina area code banner
    New Products & Features

    South Carolina 803 Area Gets New Overlay

    South Carolina is adding a new area code – 839 – on top of the existing 803 numbers to ensure a continuing supply of phone numbers

  • Man Codes On Computer
    Insights & Resources

    [Fact Sheet] Conversational AI

    Unlock power of low-latency voice & messaging on enterprise-grade IP network. Integrate with our developer-friendly API

  • Telnyx Overview Fact Sheet Thumbnail
    Insights & Resources

    [Fact Sheet] Telnyx Overview

    Telnyx connects the people and applications that power your business. Our private, secure network keeps your customer data safe.

  • United Kingdom Numbers
    New Products & Features

    Telnyx Launches UK Mobile Voice and Messaging

    We’ve launched two-way voice & messaging capabilities on UK numbers. Customers can now buy, provision & configure UK numbers.

  • Ooma Enterprise leverages Telnyx’s global network to streamline carrier operations, reduce costs and lower latency.
    Insights & Resources

    How Ooma Leveraged Telnyx Network To Reduce Costs

    Discover how Ooma leveraged Telnyx’s private, global network to build a unified communications solution.

  • Ohio area code map graphic banner
    New Products & Features

    New Ohio Overlay for Area Code 937

    Ohio is adding a new all-services area code overlay, 326, for the 937 overlay region currently serving the Dayton community.

  • With FastPort from Telnyx you get real-time csr validation and automated porting through the mission control portal and the numbers api
    Insights & Resources

    Number Porting On Demand With FastPortⓇ

    FastPort provides automated porting with features like number portability checking.

  • Twilio Compared To Telnyx
    Insights & Resources

    [Fact Sheet] Compare Telnyx vs. Twilio

    Both Telnyx and Twilio offer voice and messaging to enable business communications. So what's the real difference between the two?

  • CPaaS Global Comm_thumbnail
    Insights & Resources

    Taking Your Communications Global

    CPaaS delivers the reliability, security and global reach of legacy telecom without the performance blockers and security issues.

  • Hero msp gettingstarted guide
    Guides & Tutorials

    [Guide] How Resellers Win with Telnyx

    Learn how to increase customer satisfaction, reduce expenditure and deliver a high-quality service with Telnyx.

  • Contact Center eBook_thumbnail
    Insights & Resources

    [eBook] Build a Customer-First Contact Center Platform

    Today’s consumers demand not only superior products but also amazing customer service and seamless cross-channel experiences.

  • Portal Demo_thumbnail
    Guides & Tutorials

    [Webinar] Telnyx Mission Control Portal Demo

    Join Customer Success Manager Mark Morse to learn all about the Telnyx Mission Control Portal.

  • Conversational AI Webinar_Thumbnail
    Insights & Resources

    [Webinar] Solve Customer Issues With Conversational AI

    In this webinar, Telnyx and Replicant discuss how AI-powered conversation technology can proactively solve customer issues.

  • Replicant Case Study_Thumbnail
    Insights & Resources

    Replicant Lowered Costs With Real-Time Media Forking

    On Telnyx’s network, Replicant has created a "Thinking Machine" to solve problems in real time over the phone.

  • Build Modern CX_thumbnail
    Insights & Resources

    Building a Modern Customer Experience

    Providing great customer service is no longer enough for contact centers to meet the evolving expectations of your customers.

  • Telnyx and Replicant_Thumbnail
    Insights & Resources

    Telnyx & Replicant Building Future of Contact Center AI

    On Telnyx’s network, Replicant created a “Thinking Machine” that engages in fluent conversations to solve problems in real time.

  • Hassle-Free Porting With FastPort_thumbnail
    Insights & Resources

    Hassle-Free Porting With FastPort

    Telnyx FastPort® is a faster way to port your phone numbers.

  • Nurses using Telnyx app on Laptop
    Insights & Resources

    The Future of Healthcare Communications

    The healthcare system is still heavily reliant on outdated communication technology. Industry is edging toward a change though.

  • SMS compliance example
    Insights & Resources

    SMS compliance guide and checklist

    Strict regulations dictate how organizations can interact with end users via SMS; violators of these regulations face hefty fines.

  • Robocalling Blog Series, Post 1 - Thumbnail
    Guides & Tutorials

    Solving the Robocalling Problem - Part I: STIR/SHAKEN

    The telecom industry has to bring a solution to illegal robocalling. To combat spoofing, experts have developed STIR/SHAKEN.

  • Validate Port Outs_thumbnail
    Insights & Resources

    Validate and Authorize Your Port Outs

    The porting process can lack transparency, and customers are often left alone when their numbers are ported away from a carrier.

  • The Better Twilio Alternative_eBook Thumbnail
    Insights & Resources

    [eBook] The Better Twilio Alternative

    Why switch from Twilio to Telnyx? Moving away from Twilio will grant you control and quality by building on the Telnyx platform.

  • Central FL Area Code Overlay_thumbnail
    New Products & Features

    New Central Florida 689 Area Code Overlay

    Central Florida has added a new area code – 689 & it’s being overlaid in the area currently being served by the 407/321 codes.

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