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Launching Next-Gen Communications in the UK

Telnyx is proud to deliver voice and messaging across the United Kingdom. Learn what you can do with Telnyx in the UK.

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View pricings and pay your bills in GBP

At Telnyx, we always want to make things easier for our customers, no matter where you are. That’s why our UK customers can now choose to make payments and see pricing in pound sterling (GBP). This is our latest effort in our multi-currency billing initiative, which aims to make the Telnyx platform more accessible across the globe.
This development will make it easier for businesses working in GBP to understand our rates and invoices. Find the details in our Release Notes.

It’s time to move to the cloud.

The PSTN has served the UK well since its inception in the late 1800s. But the fact is, the PSTN isn’t up to scratch for how we communicate in the year 2021. What’s more, we have seen in the last year how important it is to have a mobile workforce, and being tied to the PSTN makes that a lot harder.
At Telnyx, we’ve got you covered with a suite of next-generation communications solutions that’ll help you transition to the cloud and say cheerio to the PSTN for good.

We’re a global carrier with a local presence.

If you’ve ever used a VoIP service before, you’ll know that latency has the potential to really hamper your call quality. This lag happens because most VoIP providers bounce your comms across entire continents to the nearest network point-of-presence, adding precious milliseconds of delay to how your voice is transmitted on calls.
At Telnyx, we’re obsessed with voice quality. That’s why we built a dedicated, private, multi-cloud network point of presence in London. Routing your call media through this PoP with AnchorSite™ will ensure that your voice service is always free of delays, jitter, or lag.

Get high-quality voice calling, anywhere in the world.

Your traffic can only go so far on our dedicated private fiber network. When a call is placed to a phone number on the PSTN, it will eventually move off the Telnyx network and onto the PSTN. But fear not, unlike other SIP providers, we don’t rely on tier-2 or tier-3 carriers to connect your calls. We’ve seen how this can lead to dropped calls, reduced voice quality, and a failure to pass on important caller information - and we envision something better for our customers.
So how do we do it? At Telnyx, we don’t rely on sub-standard downstream providers. Thanks to our direct partnerships with local Tier-1 carriers, our customers enjoy higher voice quality and connection rates on outbound calls, all over the world.

Register your SIP devices against

Developers are at the heart of what we do at Telnyx and we’ve put time and effort into doing the heavy lifting, so they don’t have to. In our Developer Center you’ll find a wide range of Configuration and Bring Your Own Carrier Guides so you can integrate Telnyx with your existing PBX and communications platforms.
These services require you to register your SIP device on the Telnyx SIP proxy. SIP signalling traffic used to initiate SIP calls is passed through this proxy, leaving another point in the process for delays and latency to creep into your communications - especially when this proxy is located geographically far away from where the call is being made.
To ensure that our customers don’t experience issues with latency - even outside the US - we have SIP registration in several locations around the world, including the EU. Customers close to the European Continent can register their devices with instead of using, to ensure that voice quality is not affected by any potential signalling latency.

Provisioning your +44 numbers has never been so easy

At Telnyx, we know how important it is to be able to search, buy and provision local numbers when you need them. That’s why we’ve made searching our vast inventory of +44 numbers so easy in Mission Control. You can search by area code, city, functionality or by consecutive numbers. We also have an extensive inventory of toll-free 1800 numbers so you can empower your customers to reach you more easily.

If you’re interested in learning more about our products, feel free to reach out to our team of experts to see how Telnyx can help you build the future of communications. In the meantime, why not get started with our portal by signing up for a Telnyx account. You’ll get £7.50 of free testing credit to explore our platform and see what it can do for you.
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