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The building blocks for great programmable voice

Build a custom voice solution on a robust voice API for call tracking, conversational AI, contact centers, cloud IVR, and more. Telnyx’s parity with TwiML enables easy migration from Twilio without changing your code, and our global coverage allows for seamless scalability and local presence. What’s more, customers are switching from Twilio to Telnyx for our excellent 24/7 support and 30% cost savings on average.


Compare our features against Twilio

Telnyx has reached full feature parity with Twilio! That means you can use your existing TwiML code and TeXML will seamlessly control the call. Compare more features of Telnyx’s TeXML and Twilio’s TwiML below.

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Twillio LogoStandard Voice 8k Hz codecs

Twilio’s standard voice codecs don’t support the media streaming features needed for low-latency AI. Users must install middleware to upcycle the bitrate for media to be processed, resulting in poor quality and increased latency.

Telnyx logoHD Voice 16k Hz codecs

Telnyx HD Voice offers wideband codecs like G.722 to the PSTN that support 16k Hz. No middleware is needed: our wideband codecs already support the audio quality needed for seamless media streaming needed for AI.

A global carrier, built for scale

Telnyx holds carrier status in 30+ countries around the world, giving us direct access to numbers in key markets. What’s more, with our Mission Control Portal and APIs, the Telnyx platform makes it easy to search and provision local, national, mobile and toll-free numbers, so your business can expand to new regions quickly, with one provider.


What will you build with Telnyx programmable voice?

Pricing comparison

Compare our pricing

Learn how Telnyx stacks up against Twilio when it comes to pricing for voice solutions.

Twillio logoTelnyx logo
Twillio Logo$0.0140 / min

To make calls: $0.0140 / min

To receive calls: $0.0085 / min

Telnyx logo$0.0070 / min

To make calls: $0.0020 / min + $0.005 / min SIP Trunking fee = $0.0070 / min

To receive calls: $0.0020 / min + $0.0035 / min SIP Trunking fee = $0.0055 / min

Twilio to Telnyx migration demo: start saving on voice costs in minutes

Migrate to Telnyx in just five minutes by uploading your existing TwiML code and it will seamlessly work in TeXML without changing a thing.


Start building

  • Icon Resources Coding Tutorial

    Twilio to Telnyx migration demo: programmable voice

    Watch the video to see how to easily migrate your existing TwiML code to TeXML in minutes.

  • Icon Resources EBook

    Migrating from TwiML to TeXML in 7 easy steps

    Migrate your existing TwiML code to TeXML in just a few simple steps to start saving on voice costs.

  • Icon Resources Docs

    Twilio to Telnyx programmable voice migration guide

    Telnyx’s TeXML is compatible with TwiML for defining call flows as XML documents. If you use TwiML REST endpoints to manage your application, there is a TeXML API with a feature parity.

Migrate in minutes without changing your code

Make the switch in minutes for better customer support and significant savings on voice costs.


Customers who switch from Twilio to Telnyx typically save between 30% and 70% on their communication services, making Telnyx a more affordable Twilio alternative.