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By using the tool on this site, the user ("User") hereby represents and warrants that (a) User shall access and/or use such Services (as defined below) solely for purposes of (i) routing, rating or billing telephone calls, or (ii) performing network maintenance in connection with the provision of telecommunications-related services; and (b) User has signed an NPAC (Number Portability Administration Center) user agreement for acceptable use of data in all regions. Telnyx may terminate the Services at any time for any reason. User further acknowledges and agrees that User does not have any right, title, or interest to any data contained within any database associated with the Services. For purposes of this tool, "Services" is defined as Location Routing Number or other database services (i.e., services relying on the LERG, CNAM and/or SCP, or similar databases).

Use detailed number information to elevate your customer experience

  • Increase conversion rates

    Augment your customer experience by understanding who's calling, even if they haven't called before. Use caller ID and persona type to deliver a tailored experience to increase conversion.

  • Send messages that deliver

    Ensure customers get the information they need. Split landline and mobile numbers programmatically, and check carrier information to guarantee your texts are delivered.

  • Increase security

    When you know a customer can receive SMS, you can enable Two-Factor Authentication to verify their credentials to keep both your data and their data safe.

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Find the exact number information you need in an instant with our easy-to-use API.**

 Portability LookupCaller LookupCarrier Lookup
 Use to check number port statusUse to identify inbound callers.Use for international lookups.
Format and Origin
Carrier Data  
Mobile Country Code (MCC)  
Mobile Network Code (MNC)  
Caller Data  
Portability Data
**To access all numbering data associated to this product for US numbering resources, customers must be NPAC or PTRS users.
Why Telnyx

Reliable lookup data in real-time

  • Easy-to-use API

    Integrate Lookup into your application with ease using our low-latency REST API and comprehensive documentation.
  • Global coverage

    Need to validate international numbers? Use our Carrier Lookup for extensive international number data.
  • Granular control

    You control how you query the Telnyx API. Get what you need without paying for unnecessary data.
  • Accurate data in real-time

    Backed by multiple sources, Lookup gives you the most current data for you to make the most informed decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Number Lookup is a tool that allows you to find out the details behind a phone number. This info can help you validate and format numbers, identify the carrier and number type and even find out the owner’s name (for US numbers only).

That’s easy! Just sign up for our Mission Control Portal. From there, take a look at our API reference docs and start building.

Yes! Use our Carrier Lookup for international numbers to see where a number is registered, number type, carrier name, Mobile Country Code (MCC), Mobile Network Code (MNC), and more.

LRN, or Local Routing Number is an identification for a telephone switch for the purpose of routing telephone calls through the PSTN in the US. With this, you’ll know exactly how calls to the number will be billed on tariff pricing.

Head over to our Lookup pricing page for more details, or speak to one of our experts about custom pricing options.

Lookup will tell you whether the number is mobile or fixed-line, so you don’t waste money sending SMS to landlines, and can choose an alternative method of communication where necessary.

To search for a phone number you'll need to login to your Telnyx Mission Control Portal account an navigate to Lookup. From there you should enter the country code and 10-digit number and click 'Lookup Number'.