Release notes

  • 13, Feb 2020

    Parking Outbound Calls Made Simple

    We’re excited to announce a new Voice feature: Park Outbound Calls. This feature is now available in the Mission Control Portal and Telnyx API.

    The Park Outbound Calls feature provides a simple mechanism for users to “park” their outbound calls instead of connecting them to their destination. The call then awaits further orders from its connected application.

  • 13, Feb 2020

    Telnyx Answering Machine Detection

    You’ll now be able to access more real-time information about your outbound calls — including if they’ve been answered by a machine or human and when an answering machine greeting ends.

  • 10, Feb 2020

    Telnyx: New Zone-Based Wireless Billing

    Zone Based Billing - ZBB - is now live in Mission Control.

  • 31, Jan 2020

    Live Now: Telnyx Wireless Reporting Feature

    Check out the Reporting tab in Mission Control for Wireless reporting.

  • 9, Jan 2020

    Telnyx Expands SIP Region to Canada

    Great news — we’ve just expanded support for SIP Signaling to Canada.

  • 14, Nov 2019

    Introducing New Conferencing Features

    Great news — Telnyx now has a suite of conferencing features that will make it easier than ever to embed feature-rich audio conferencing into your applications.

  • 11, Nov 2019

    Billing Groups Released

    We’re happy to announce a new feature for managing your usage and billing information — Billing Groups, now available in the Mission Control Portal and Telnyx API.

    This new feature offers a better way to manage your customer sub-accounts, making it easy to add and manage billing groups to categorize usage reports and end-of-month invoice records.

  • 3, Nov 2019

    Telnyx Portal's Web Dialer Tool | Telnyx Release Notes

    Our new Web Dialer tool is powered by Telnyx’s own WebRTC product and enables you to make test calls directly from your browser. This provides an easy means of verifying that your phone number and connection are correctly configured.

  • 29, Oct 2019

    Remote Call Recovery

    Remote Call Recovery further strengthens our unique Telephony Engine. The Telnyx network can now sustain entire site failures without dropping a single call.

  • 18, Oct 2019

    Terminate Calls with Telnyx: Easy & Cost-Effective

    With a simple change to your existing code, you can leverage the Telnyx network for call routing — resulting in better call quality at significantly lower costs.

  • 10, Oct 2019

    Select Telnyx Traffic Type: A2P or P2P

    Telnyx now allows you to select the traffic type that best suits your usage: A2P or P2P.

  • 10, Oct 2019

    Wireless Data Limits & API Tool | Telnyx Release Notes

    With your registered SIM, you can choose a variety of feature options within the portal to ensure that you’re taking advantage of Telnyx Wireless: