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  • Webinar notification SMS
    Guides and Tutorials

    Marketo SMS Integration: Webinar Reminders

    Learn how to integrate Telnyx SMS with your webinar sign up landing pages to send SMS reminders!

  • marketo text messaging
    Guides and Tutorials

    Marketo Text Messaging with the Telnyx API

    A tutorial on how to build outbound text messaging into your Marketo campaigns using webhooks to call the Telnyx messaging API.

  • marketo sms marketing
    Guides and Tutorials

    SMS Marketing with Telnyx

    Three important features when choosing an SMS provider are pricing, global reach, and being able to stay true to your brand.

  • marketo 2 way sms
    Guides and Tutorials

    Marketo 2 Way SMS using Telnyx and Zapier

    This post will walk you through how to build an inbound SMS responder using the Zapier automation tool and the Telnyx app.

  • G2 Whitepaper banner graphic
    Insights and Resources

    Industry Reviews Compare Telnyx with CPaaS Providers

    We've gathered verified user reviews from G2 and SourceForge, and industry analyst reports from IDC to help you make a decision.

  • benefits of fax api
    Insights and Resources

    Benefits of Fax APIs: what they are & why you need them

    There are many benefits of Fax APIs: they can help simplify workflows, reduce errors and more.

  • Send documents securely
    Insights and Resources

    The safest ways to send your documents securely

    Is your information at risk? Learn about the safest methods of sending documents securely to protect your business and customers.

  • Why hospitals still use fax
    Insights and Resources

    Here's why hospitals still use fax

    Outdated in some industries, learn the reason hospitals are still using fax to send sensitive information.

  • Is fax more secure than email
    Insights and Resources

    Is fax more secure than email?

    Even though email is more popular, learn why so many still consider fax as the most secure means of communication.

  • SHAKEN/STIR Call Forwarding
    Guides and Tutorials

    SHAKEN/STIR and Call Forwarding with Telnyx

    In this article we’ll take a look at the effect of call forwarding on attestation levels and what it means for your business.

  • Hard token vs soft token
    Insights and Resources

    Key differences between hard and soft tokens

    Learn about the advantages and disadvantages with both hard and soft tokens to make the best choice for your protection.

  • How secure is two-factor authentication
    Insights and Resources

    How Secure is Two-Factor Authentication?

    If you're worried about protecting your sensitive and personal information, learn how two-factor authentication can help.

  • Computer with password security tips
    Insights and Resources

    Keep Your Password Secure with These Expert Tips

    Strong passwords help ensure you don't fall victim to cybersecurity attacks. Learn the best practices when creating your password.

  • Logging into computer with 2FA
    Insights and Resources

    What is Two-Factor Authentication?

    Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security, helping protect users and private information.

  • SPs can sign their own toKENs
    Guides and Tutorials

    SHAKEN/STIR: Can I sign my own calls?

    Some service providers may be eligible to sign their own calls in the SHAKEN/STIR framework- we take a look at the requirements.

  • On demand webinar SHAKEN/STIR
    Guides and Tutorials

    [Webinar] SHAKEN/STIR- All you need to know

    We take a deep dive into the SHAKEN/STIR framework and what Telnyx is doing to prepare for implementation.

  • Zapier Telnyx
    Guides and Tutorials

    How to Forward SMS to Slack, Email, or another number

    Use the Zapier automation tool and Telnyx SMS to forward your messages for marketing purposes.

  • Direct Routing for MS Teams with Telnyx
    New Products and Features

    Direct Routing- what is it, and why do I need it?

    Telnyx’s latest offering allows users to leverage the Telnyx telephony engine with Microsoft Teams.

  • Enrich data from Marketo forms with Telnyx number lookup
    Guides and Tutorials

    Marketo Data Enrichment with Telnyx Number Lookup

    How to use the Telnyx number lookup API through webhooks for Marketo data enrichment to improve your form conversions.

  • G2 Whitepaper banner graphic
    Insights and Resources

    Compare Telnyx to Cloud Communication Platforms in EMEA

    G2 has scored CPaaS based on 1000+ reviews from the Cloud Communication community, as well as data aggregated from reviews

  • Webinar: Call Tracking with the Telnyx Voice API and Ruby SDK (Thumbnail)

    On-Demand Webinar: Call Tracking with Ruby SDK

    Ruby developers - build a call tracking application with the Telnyx Voice API and our Ruby SDK. Register for our live webinar!

  • Feature image, shows two women on the phone using speech to text

    Transcribe speech to text in real time from phone calls

    With the Telnyx Voice API, real-time speech to text (STT) transcription from a phone call is simple.

  • Issues with Robocalling
    Insights and Resources

    The Light at the End of the Robocall Tunnel

    Illegal robocalls are wreaking havoc on the telecommunications industry today- SHAKEN/STIR aims to change that.

  • IoT in various industries
    Insights and Resources

    IoT solutions explained

    Learn how businesses across industries use IoT solutions.

  • Diagram of IoT explained
    Insights and Resources

    IoT explained: the 2023 IoT guide

    IoT, short for the internet of things, is a collection of internet connected devices capable of collecting and transmitting data.

  • IoT security solutions diagram
    Insights and Resources

    IoT security solutions: Challenges and best practices

    Learn how Telnyx is taking on the unique challenges facing IoT security, and the solutions for a more secure network.

  • Wearable watch IoT device
    Insights and Resources

    IoT device examples in 2023

    Learn how the Internet of Things (IoT) works and how it’s used today.

  • Customer Facing FAQ
    Guides and Tutorials

    SHAKEN/STIR, what do I need to know?

    Over the last couple of years, the number of spam phone calls has been on the rise- SHAKEN/ STIR aims to change that trend.

  • Mission control debugging graphic
    New Products and Features

    How to Debug Your Communications in our Portal

    We built easy-to-use debugging tools right into the Mission Control Portal, so you can build your app more easily.

  • verify webinar
    Guides and Tutorials

    [Webinar] Verify API and Python SDK

    Learn how to send your first 2FA code via SMS using our brand new Verify API and Python SDK!

  • G2 results
    News and Events

    G2 Names Telnyx as CPaaS Momentum Leader

    We’re happy to report that Telnyx is a CPaaS Momentum Leader and ranks #1 in Usability, according to software review platform G2.

  • Man and woman using video chat API
    Insights and Resources

    WebRTC video chat API and streaming explained

    Add powerful streaming and chat capabilities to your application with WebRTC video chat API. Learn more about WebRTC solutions.

  • Video chat over WebRTC
    Insights and Resources

    Complete guide to WebRTC and how it works

    WebRTC is both a powerful and exciting new technology that is powering person to person communication.

  • WebRTC encryption written in code
    Insights and Resources

    Why WebRTC encryption is a must for security

    From secure real-time protocol (SRTP) to secure signaling, learn how WebRTC encryption provides added security.

  • WebRTC server room
    Insights and Resources

    WebRTC server: What is it, and do you need one?

    Learn WebRTC and Voice SDK power seamless, real-time communications

  • Woman coding IVR App

    On-Demand Webinar: Build an IVR Phone Menu

    Learn how to build an IVR phone menu with the Telnyx Voice API and TeXML, our simple XML-based scripting language.

  • Tyron employee spotlight feature image
    News and Events

    Employee Spotlight: Tyron Pretorius

    Marketing Operations Engineer Tyron supports the Telnyx marketing team with automations, insights, attribution and analytics.

  • Telnyx offers SMS and Voice API in the UK
    New Products and Features

    UK SMS API and voice API now available

    Telnyx is proud to deliver voice and messaging across the United Kingdom. Learn what you can do with Telnyx in the UK.

  • UK SMS Regulations - UK-GDPR, PECR, DPA
    Insights and Resources

    SMS regulations in the UK

    We break down UK-GDPR, PECR, and DPA regulations that affect businesses sending SMS to customers.

  • Fax Developer

    On-Demand Webinar: Using Telnyx Fax API with Email

    Python developers - learn how to use the Telnyx Fax API to send Emails to your inbox. Watch our on-demand webinar!

  • Telnyx achieves PSTN Replacement
    News and Events

    Telnyx offers full PSTN replacement in the UK

    We're delighted to announce that we have achieved full PSTN replacement in the UK. Take a look to see what this means for you:

  • Business owner using SMS sales funnel
    Insights and Resources

    How to Create the Perfect SMS Sales Funnel

    Are SMS sales funnels right for you? With high customer engagement and conversational messaging, here's all you need to know.

  • SMS opt out image
    Insights and Resources

    SMS opt-in guide: Best practices and examples

    Our comprehensive guide covers best practices, compliance, and how to manage your SMS marketing campaigns effectively.

  • conversational SMS header
    Insights and Resources

    Benefits of conversational SMS

    Break away from the robotic and impersonal messaging, and discover why conversational SMS is the future of business communication.

  • Image of DC
    News and Events

    Washington DC 202 Area Code Gets New Overlay

    The Washington DC region served by the 202 area code is adding a new area code - 771- which may change how you dial locally.

  • A2P 10DLC industry updates and everything you need to know
    Guides and Tutorials

    [Webinar] A2P 10DLC: Everything You Need to Know

    Make sure to check out our webinar recording, where we covered the following topics to help your business on this industry change.

  • retail sms graphic
    Insights and Resources

    Use retail SMS to boost engagement and drive sales

    Discover the power of retail SMS to drive customer engagement, improve the shopping experience, and increase sales for your brand.

  • SMS payment reminder example
    Insights and Resources

    3 tips for crafting outstanding SMS payment reminders

    Outstanding SMS payment reminder messages are a powerful payment collection tool. Use our templates and tips to get started.

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