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    Guides & Tutorials

    [Webinar] SMS Quickstart in PHP SDK

    A recap of our live webinar for how to get started using Telnyx SMS with PHP SDK.

  • Texas area overlay
    New Products & Features

    Texas Area Code Overlay

    The Texas region currently served by the 214 / 469 / 972 area codes is adding a new area code - 945. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Feature Image Alt Text
    Insights & Resources

    Vodafone Alternative - Why Telnyx is preferred in AU

    We've put together a complete in-depth guide to determine how Telnyx and Vodafone Australia stack up in network, voice and more.

  • Telnyx awarded Momentum Leader, Best Results and Best Usability in Cloud Communications Platform category by G2.
    News & Events

    Telnyx Officially Named CPaaS Momentum Leader by G2

    We’re happy to report that Telnyx is officially a CPaaS Momentum Leader and ranks #1 in User Satisfaction.

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    Guides & Tutorials

    [Webinar] SMS Quickstart in Node SDK

    A recap of our live webinar for how to get started using Telnyx SMS with Node SDK.

  • Six Steps to Switch from the ISDN to SIP Trunking
    Insights & Resources

    6 Steps to Follow when Switching from ISDN to SIP

    For businesses that have not moved off the ISDN, the transition to SIP is a big one. But when managed well, it can be seamless.

  • how Replicant chose a voice API
    Insights & Resources

    How Replicant chose a voice API

    Watch our video interview to learn how Replicant reduced talk-time latency more than 66% by switching to Telnyx.

  • Receive a fax via API video still
    Guides & Tutorials

    Receive a Fax with the Telnyx Programmable Fax API

    Watch our video walk-through of receiving a fax as a PDF using the Telnyx Programmable Fax API.

  • Telnyx vs. Telstra Comparison Guide
    Insights & Resources

    Telnyx vs. Telstra: Who to Choose for Your Voice Needs?

    Telnyx and Telstra offer voice and numbering services on enterprise-grade, carrier networks. What’s the difference between them?

  • impact initiative
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    Announcing and our first Impact Initiative

    We launched to put more of our technology in the hands of those who seek to use it for positive social change.

  • City overlaid with examples of IoT trends
    Insights & Resources

    Top IoT trends and use cases to watch in 2023

    These 2023 IoT trends will launch IoT devices and software into the future. The Internet of Things is changing—is your business?

  • History of the Australian ISDN and the Switch to the National Broadband Network
    Insights & Resources

    The Australian ISDN is being switched off.

    It's time to shift from copper cable telephony to an internet based communication system.

  • Voice API call control and tracking
    Insights & Resources

    How Voice APIs can Power Call Tracking Applications

    Leveraging the right voice API to programmatically control calls can unlock lucrative improvements in call tracking and beyond.

  • How to send a fax via API video still
    Guides & Tutorials

    VIDEO: Send a Fax with the Telnyx Programmable Fax API

    Our video walk-through shows you everything you need to send a fax in one API command using the Telnyx Programmable Fax API.

  • Different WebRTC and SIP applications
    Insights & Resources

    WebRTC and SIP: 10 Applications that Might Surprise You

    These apps showcase the power of WebRTC & SIP trunking when combined, enabling real-time comms across browsers and phone systems.

  • Oklahoma City Map New Overlay
    New Products & Features

    Oklahoma Area Code Overlay

    The Oklahoma City region is adding a new area code - 572 - which may change how you dial locally. Here’s what you need to know:

  • IoT connectivity graphic with SIM cards
    Insights & Resources

    IoT connectivity

    Learn about IoT devices, IoT connectivity, and how to get started with IoT.

  • Feature Image for Choosing the Right Voice API in Six Simple Steps
    Insights & Resources

    Six Steps to Choosing the Right Voice API Provider

    Choosing a voice API Provider may seem like a daunting task. Here are 6 key things to look out for when doing so.

  • Twexit Tutorial Python SDK
    Guides & Tutorials

    Twexit API Tutorial: Python SDK

    Ready for hassle free migration? In this tutorial, we’ll cover how to migrate services using the Twexit API in Python.

  • Hosted Messaging with Telnyx
    New Products & Features

    Hosted Messaging: Explained

    Hosted messaging lets you add Telnyx messaging to your existing voice numbers or landlines.

  • Twilio switch and save graphic
    Insights & Resources

    Save Money Switching from Twilio - Savings Calculator

    We built a handy calculator so you can see just how much you’ll save if you switch your communications from Twilio to Telnyx.

  • A voice API enables you to connect and control your carrier service with just a few lines of code.
    Insights & Resources

    [eBook] Your Guide to Choosing the Right Voice API

    Learn all you need to know about Voice APIs, why your business needs one, and what to look for in potential providers.

  • Two Factor Authentication Tutorial with Node
    Guides & Tutorials

    Tutorial: Two Factor Authentication with Node

    Looking to enable two factor authentication for your application? We've got you covered with this quick, 20 minute Node tutorial.

  • Price war graphic "Stop. Using. Them."
    Insights & Resources

    Stop Using Twilio. Save Money with Telnyx.

    It’s time you stopped paying too much for communications. There’s a better way. A simpler way. A more affordable way.

  • Telnyx vs Twilio logos
    Insights & Resources

    Telnyx vs. Twilio: A comprehensive comparison

    Understand the differences between Telnyx and Twilio, then make an informed decision as you choose a communications provider.

  • What's an SMS Chatbot and Why is it Useful?
    Insights & Resources

    Why SMS + Chatbots = Game Changer

    SMS and chatbots are becoming commonplace in B2C communication... What happens when we combine the two?

  • Follow this step-by-step guide to building a find me, follow me IVR using the Telnyx voice API and Python SDK.
    Guides & Tutorials

    Building an IVR Demo with the Telnyx API and Python SDK

    In under 60 mins, this demo will set you up to streamline user experiences using an Interactive Voice Response system.

  • Pennsylvania 814 Area Code Gets New Overlay
    New Products & Features

    Pennsylvania 814 Area Code Gets New Overlay

    The Pennsylvania region is adding a new area code - 582- which may change how you dial locally. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Messagebird alternative
    Insights & Resources

    #1 Messagebird alternative - Messagebird vs Telnyx

    Telnyx and MessageBird both offer voice and messaging services on enterprise-grade carrier networks. What are the differences?

  • Patient using a telehealth video chat / provider using a healthcare call center
    Insights & Resources

    Healthcare call centers: 3 high-impact best practices

    Find out how you can better serve patients and providers with these healthcare call center best practices.

  • Telnyx vs Twilio for SMS
    Insights & Resources

    Telnyx vs. Twilio for SMS

    Telnyx and Twilio both offer programmable SMS messaging. But how do the two providers compare?

  • Telnyx vs Flowroute banner graphic
    Insights & Resources

    Telnyx vs. Flowroute - In-Depth Guide

    Telnyx and Flowroute offer voice and messaging APIs for business communications. So what’s the real difference between the two?

  • Compare Telnyx vs. Twilio for programmable voice across network, telephony features, API, price, support and user reviews.
    Insights & Resources

    Telnyx vs. Twilio for Programmable Voice

    The right provider can have a big impact on voice quality, and your ability to scale. Let's see how Telnyx and Twilio compare.

  • Telnyx Australia launch banner graphic
    Insights & Resources

    Telnyx launches Next Gen Communications in Australia

    Telnyx is heading Down Under with a wide range of improvements to our next-generation SIP trunking.

  • Most language service providers offer real-time over-the-phone interpretation.
    Insights & Resources

    What You Need to Build Complete Language Solutions

    Learn more about automation of language services, as well as trends and must-have features.

  • HIPAA compliant fax image
    Insights & Resources

    Real-time HIPAA compliant fax: an overview

    HIPAA compliant faxes sent over T.38 SIP trunks have encrypted signaling and media, with no data stored on either end.

  • Telnyx Product Manager demonstrates how to create and manage TwiML conferences on Telnyx, with Python.
    Guides & Tutorials

    Using TwiML Conferencing on Telnyx with Python

    Join Telnyx Product Manager Paul as he walks us through how to use TwiML conferencing to create and manage conferences on Telnyx.

  • Telnyx vs Twilio SIP Comparison banner
    Insights & Resources

    Telnyx v. Twilio: Who’s The Best SIP Trunking Provider?

    Telnyx and Twilio are 2 of the most popular names in SIP Trunking. This comparison shows how they differ and why it matters.

  • Austria map overlay
    New Products & Features

    Tier-1 Numbering in More European Countries

    We’re excited to announce that Tier-1 numbering is now available in even more European countries.

  • ISDN/PSTN shutdown banner
    Insights & Resources

    ISDN / PSTN shutdowns in Australia & New Zealand: Guide

    Businesses in Australia & New Zealand: you’re going to have to migrate your comms to a VoIP solution sooner rather than later.

  • Twilio migration banner
    Guides & Tutorials

    Move from Twilio to Telnyx: Migration Guide

    We’ve built a whole suite of tools to make moving from Twilio a simple and painless process.

  • The new API has been designed for fast, seamless integration and effortless scaling.
    New Products & Features

    It's Official. The New Telnyx API Has Launched.

    We’re excited to announce the official launch of the new Telnyx API, which is now out of beta and ready for action.

  • Programmable Fax API - Product Launch - Meta
    New Products & Features

    New Product Launch: Programmable Fax API

    Send and manage faxes programmatically with our new Programmable Fax API.

  • Check Number Portability with the Telnyx Mission Control Portal
    New Products & Features

    Here’s How to Check if Your Number can be Ported

    Curious about whether you can port your numbers or not?

  • Developer making SMS App
    Insights & Resources

    What is Programmable SMS?

    Read this quick guide to find out everything you need to know about programmable SMS and what you can build with it.

  • Illinois 446 overlay
    New Products & Features

    New Overlay Coming to Illinois 217 Area Code

    The Illinois region currently served by the area code 217 will soon have another area code - 447. Here's what you need to know.

  • Man looking at AWS Direct Connect icon
    Guides & Tutorials

    Easily integrate AWS Direct Connect and Telnyx VXC

    Integrate Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect and the Telnyx private network backbone. Here's our 5-step setup guide:

  • SIP trunking explained
    Insights & Resources

    What SIP trunking is & how it improves communication

    SIP trunking is a means of operating phone systems over the internet, instead of using a traditional phone line.

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