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  • Feature Image highlighting Premium Answering Machine Detection
    New Products & Features

    How Answering Machine Detection helps your call center

    Make the most of your contact center with premium voicemail detection from Telnyx.

  • Nov 30th 2021 SHAKEN/STIR Deadline
    Insights & Resources

    SHAKEN/STIR: The Canada Edition

    This coming November, robocalling in Canada will become subject to new rules and regulations by way of SHAKEN/STIR.

  • Feature - Debugging in Mission Control

    Debugging Communications in Mission Control

    Advanced debugging tools for your communication applications are at your fingertips in Mission Control.

  • Buy numbers all around the world
    New Products & Features

    International Number Search and Order Made Easy

    As we have expanded our product offering and services internationally, we realized that Number Search and Order needed an update.

  • Startup CPaaS ResourceCenter 1020X571
    Insights & Resources

    Don't Let Your CPaaS Dictate Your Roadmap

    Relying solely on drag-and-drop solutions—whether for creating an app, or laying out a call-center—is a risky proposition.

  • Ensure reliable communications with connections to AWS, Google and Azure
    Insights & Resources

    Why a Multi-Cloud Strategy is the Smart Solution

    Every once in a while someone will break the internet. Don’t let your employees—or your customers—be left in the dark as well.

  • G2 Names Telnyx a Cloud Communications Platform Leader
    Insights & Resources

    G2 Names Telnyx a Cloud Communication Platform Leader

    Read our in-depth comparison guide to learn what hundreds of verified user reviews on G2 say about Telnyx and our competitors.

  • Illustration of customer experience chat
    Insights & Resources

    Why Frictionless CX is the New Competitive Advantage

    The need for a streamlined, simplified omnichannel customer experience has never been more important.

  • Image of Virginia
    News & Events

    Virginia 757 Area Code Gets New Overlay

    The Virginia region served by the 757 area code is adding a new area code, 948. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Image of Virginia
    News & Events

    Virginia 540 Area Code Gets New Overlay

    The Virginia region served by the 540 area code is adding a new area code, 826. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Contact center vs. call center agents
    Insights & Resources

    Contact Center vs. Call Center: Here's How to Choose

    Unsure of the differences between contact centers and call centers? Learn about the limitations and benefits of both.

  • Integrated SBC

    Integrated Telnyx SBC for Direct Routing

    Check out Telnyx's latest Bring Your Own Carrier offering, with an integrated SBC as standard.

  • eBook Direct Routing FAQ
    Guides & Tutorials

    Direct Routing Frequently Asked Questions

    We've compiled the most FAQs to help you learn more about Direct Routing, and decide if it’s the best bet for your organization

  • Telecom Conference
    News & Events

    Telco Conference Highlights 2016 to 2021

    Take a look at the conferences that Telnyx has sponsored and attended worldwide from 2016 to 2021.

  • Why are businesses using Direct Routing for Teams?
    New Products & Features

    Why use Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams?

    By now, you’ve likely heard the term Direct Routing, and you probably know some of the high level benefits . Here we dive deeper:

  • Telnyx vs. Sierra Wireless for IoT connectivity
    Insights & Resources

    Telnyx vs. Sierra Wireless for IoT Connectivity

    How Telnyx and Sierra Wireless compare for IoT connectivity in terms of features, costs, and developer experience.

  • June 30th 2021 SHAKEN/STIR Deadline
    Insights & Resources

    SHAKEN/STIR Deadlines and Enforcement

    The June 30th, 2021 deadline has come and gone, so are you SHAKEN/STIR compliant? We outline what you need to know.

  • How UK MSPs can level up their telephony capabilities
    Guides & Tutorials

    How UK MSPs can level up their telephony capabilities

    We’ve broken down the three ways that you can level up your capabilities to provide a better service for your customers.

  • Webinar notification SMS
    Guides & Tutorials

    Marketo SMS Integration: Webinar Reminders

    Learn how to integrate Telnyx SMS with your webinar sign up landing pages to send SMS reminders!

  • marketo sms marketing
    Guides & Tutorials

    SMS Marketing with Telnyx

    Three important features when choosing an SMS provider are pricing, global reach, and being able to stay true to your brand.

  • marketo text messaging
    Guides & Tutorials

    Marketo Text Messaging with the Telnyx API

    A tutorial on how to build outbound text messaging into your Marketo campaigns using webhooks to call the Telnyx messaging API.

  • marketo 2 way sms
    Guides & Tutorials

    Marketo 2 Way SMS using Telnyx and Zapier

    This post will walk you through how to build an inbound SMS responder using the Zapier automation tool and the Telnyx app.

  • G2 Whitepaper banner graphic
    Insights & Resources

    Industry Reviews Compare Telnyx with CPaaS Providers

    We've gathered verified user reviews from G2 and SourceForge, and industry analyst reports from IDC to help you make a decision.

  • benefits of fax api
    Insights & Resources

    Benefits of Fax APIs: what they are & why you need them

    There are many benefits of Fax APIs: they can help simplify workflows, reduce errors and more.

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