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Telnyx launches Next Gen Communications in Australia

Telnyx is heading Down Under with a wide range of improvements to our next-generation SIP trunking.

By Odhran Reidy

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Telnyx is making moves Down Under with a wide range of improvements to our next-generation SIP trunking, programmable voice, and programmable SMS / MMS messaging services. Here are just a few things you can get done with Telnyx in Australia:

See pricing and make payments in Australian dollars

Telnyx customers can now choose to make payments and see pricing in Australian Dollars (AUD). This new functionality marks the beginning of a wider multi-currency initiative to make our platform easier to use for everyone.

If you’re an Australian business, working in AUD will allow you to better understand your pricing as it appears on our website and in the Mission Control Portal, making your invoices clearer and more predictable. Check out our release notes to learn more.

Replace your ISDN-dependent communications services

Telstra’s decommissioning of the ISDN has the potential to cause huge headaches for businesses looking to migrate their voice connectivity to a VoIP-enabled, NBN-ready solution. At Telnyx, we’ve got you covered with a suite of next-generation communications solutions that’ll help you ditch the ISDN for good.

Check out our Resource Center for an in-depth breakdown of what the ISDN shutdown means for your business and how you can best prepare by switching to Telnyx.

Route call media through our dedicated Sydney point-of-presence

Whether you’re making and receiving calls within Australia, or expanding your voice communications overseas, latency has the potential to turn your crystal clear voice quality into a jittery, laggy mess. This lag happens because most SIP trunking providers bounce your comms across entire continents to the nearest network point-of-presence, adding precious milliseconds of delay to how your voice is transmitted on calls.

At Telnyx, we’re obsessed with voice quality. That’s why we built a dedicated, private, multi-cloud network point of presence in Sydney, to ensure your voice is always free of delays, jitter, or lag. Read more about our Sydney point-of-presence on our Resource Center.

Get high-quality voice calling with International Direct call routing

Your traffic can only go so far on our dedicated private fiber network - if you’re calling a phone number on the ISDN, your call will have to be eventually routed off our network and onto the ISDN to reach your contact. This step is where most SIP trunking providers skimp, partnering with unreliable tier-2 or tier-3 carriers who drop calls, limit your voice quality, and fail to pass your caller ID details to your contact.

With Telnyx, downstream provider issues are a thing of the past. Our International Direct routing scheme leverages our direct partnerships with local Tier-1 carriers to give you improved voice quality and higher connection rates on your outbound calls. Check out our Resource Center to learn more.

Register your SIP devices against

We’re proud to offer support for a wide range of SIP devices, PBX and communications platforms, and softphone clients through our Bring Your Own Carrier guides. These services require you to register your SIP device on your provider’s SIP proxy. SIP signalling traffic used to initiate SIP calls is passed through this proxy, exposing yet another avenue for delays and latency to creep into your communications if the proxy is located geographically far away from where the call is being made.

To stamp out this potential latency for our customers around the world, we expanded our SIP registration to several new locations, including Australia. Customers Down Under can register their devices with instead of using, to keep signalling local and eliminate any potential signalling latency, improving your voice quality. You can find more details on how to set up registration on in our release notes.

Find, buy and provision your perfect +61 numbers

Local phone numbers are crucial to any business looking to expand into, or in, Australia. At Telnyx, we take numbers seriously, allowing you to search our vast inventory of +61 local numbers by area code or city, even allowing you to search for consecutive phone numbers to purchase together. We also have an extensive inventory of local rate 1300 numbers, and toll-free 1800 numbers so you can empower your customers to reach you more easily.

Learn more about our global numbers, including how to search and purchase numbers programmatically via API.

These are just a few of the new products and features we’ve released in the last few months to provide the best next-generation communications experience to our Australian customers. If you’re interested in learning more, sign up for a Telnyx account to explore what our platform can do for you. Curious about setting things up? Chat to our experts about how you can get going.

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