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SMS Number Pool: feature highlight

Telnyx SMS API is a programmable, feature rich SMS product designed to improve your messaging experience and lower your costs.

By Tony Furnas

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Built with enterprise grade use in mind, the Telnyx SMS API is a programmable, feature rich SMS product designed to improve your messaging experience and lower your costs. In an effort to help empower your SMS strategy, Telnyx is proud to highlight our SMS feature: Number Pool.

How can Number Pool help me?

If you’re sending A2P (Application to Person) messages, Number Pool via the Telnyx SMS API is designed to ensure your messages are being delivered the first time, every time. Number Pooling can improve your deliverability if you are:

  • Using SMS for critical alerts, appointment reminders or account notifications.
  • Sending important public health, store or school closing information.
  • Delivering internal messages such as employee notifications or lead alerts.

How Number Pool works

Number Pool will automatically select the outbound number for a message from a pool of numbers assigned to one of your messaging profiles. It maintains a balance across all of these numbers to ensure higher deliverability with all carriers.

How do I get started?

Follow these quick steps to turn on Number Pool and increase your deliverability today.

  1. Assign your desired numbers to the messaging profile you’d like to turn on Number Pooling for.
  2. Navigate to the Messaging section of your Portal and click on the edit icon for your chosen Messaging Profile.
  3. Click on Number Pool to enable the feature.

When enabling Number Pool, here are some additional features to note:

  • Skip unhealthy numbers: When enabled, all unhealthy numbers will be automatically removed from the pool to prevent them from being chosen when sending outbound messages.
  • Sticky Sender: When enabled the Number Pool will remember which originating number was last used to send a message to the given destination number and will try to use the same originating number for all future communications with this destination.
  • Geomatch: When enabled, messages are automatically sent from a number with the same local area code as the recipient, if available in the Number Pool.

New to Telnyx? Check out unbiased reviews on G2, find out more about Telnyx SMS, read our Guide to SMS Marketing or reach out to an expert with any questions you have — we’re available 24/7.

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