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Voice analytics tools: building blocks for AI

Building voice analytics tools and conversational AI used to require years of telephony experience. Now, it's accessible via API.

By Odhran Reidy

voice analytics tools and conversational AI

Voice Analytics and Conversational AI platforms are growing at mind-boggling speeds.

Conversation intelligence platform Gong recently tripled its valuation, adding some 1.5 billion dollars in enterprise value. Live transcription platform has seen usage grow 5X in the span of a month. Conversational AI provider Replicant is building the world's first autonomous contact center with Telnyx and has seen revenue grow 15X in five months.

What's behind the success of these companies? A combination of timing and technological progress. The events of 2020 emptied call centers and offices, and rendered in-person meetings a remnant of bygone times. With communication now happening almost exclusively through a phone or computer, the professional world re-discovered the promise of artificial intelligence. Suddenly, AI was mature enough to generate real, actionable insights from conversations and affordable enough to be offered in a neat enterprise service package.

What if you could build telephony like you would build a web app—making simple API calls to execute the functions you need, and knowing that the back-end is taken care of?

Voice analytics made simple with Telnyx

Artificial intelligence startups may be hesitant to explore the Conversational AI and Voice Analytics space because they don't know telephony. It's understandable—why worry about complex telephony infrastructure, protocols like VoIP and SIP and telephony-centric languages when you could apply your AI to simple web apps much more easily?

Don't worry; we'll handle it

What if you could build telephony like you would build a web app⸺making simple API calls to execute the functions you need, and knowing that the back-end is taken care of?

With Telnyx, you can access every telephony resource you need to build captivating conversations, all via API. Our Voice API enables intuitive control over in-depth telephony functions, so your developers can focus on creating valuable insights for your users instead of squashing obscure telephony bugs.

What's more—our APIs run on our own private, global network. We built it from the ground up for real-time communications, with multi-cloud reliability and direct interconnects with Tier-1 telephony carriers across the globe. Simply plug into the Telnyx network and reliably reach your customers wherever they are.

With simple API calls, you can access a global, multi-cloud telephony network built for real-time communications.

What is voice analytics?

Voice analytics is the extraction of useful data and insights from spoken conversations. You can glen insights like sentiment analysis, talk-time ratios, topic tagging and keyword alerting by analyzing the audio data from a conversation. In many cases, voice analytics is carried out over remote communications like phone calls or video calls, because these forms of communication can feed all of the call's audio to one endpoint for processing. Voice analytics is commonly used in transcription, revenue and sales intelligence and customer experience applications.

Here's a snapshot of some popular Telnyx voice features and how they empower voice analytics without the fuss:

Real-time speech-to-text transcription

Speech recognition is an immensely powerful tool for streamlining customer experience workflows, collecting information over the phone and enhancing the accessibility of phone and video conversations. With our new speech-to-text transcription tools, it's easily enabled with a single API command.

No more storing, accessing and parsing recordings to transcribe speech to text after the fact. No more relying on expensive third-party speech recognition libraries to generate your transcriptions. With Telnyx, everything is handled live on-call, delivered via webhook and guaranteed by a confidence score, so you can be sure about the accuracy of your transcriptions.

Watch a demo of our transcription tools in action-you can set everything up in less than five minutes!

Programmable recording

Call media is the foundation for any AI or voice analytics use case. With Telnyx, you can access media post-call through on-demand programmable call recording, or in real-time through media forking.

Programmable call recording allows you to start, stop, pause and resume single- or dual-channel recordings in your desired audio format, at any point, in any call, all via API. Your recordings are stored securely in the cloud and accessible via API so you can extract call contents for analysis and learning.

You can also manage and delete recordings via API to keep full control over your data sets.

Real-time media forking

Post-call analysis is a powerful tool for creating voice insights, but real-time, in-call voice AI has shown even more robust growth in recent months. Embedding voice analytics into a live call unlocks futuristic applications like bespoke real-time transcription, AI voice responders and live in-call sentiment analysis. These immensely complex operations rely on ultra-fast processing of call audio through natural language processing (NLP) algorithms.

Luckily, the Telnyx Voice API removes a vast amount of complexity by allowing you to duplicate the media from any live call in real-time, send it through your AI and act upon the results, all while the call is ongoing. Thanks to our real-time communications network, media is delivered almost instantaneously, allowing for true real-time transcription or conversation.

Replicant chose Telnyx as the foundation for the world's first autonomous contact center, built on real-time conversational AI.

All of this is accomplished with simple REST API commands, so you don't need to hire a telephony engineer to leverage world-class telephony in your app.

Programmable text-to-speech and audio playback

Done incorrectly, conversational AI can be confusing and disconcerting to end users. With Telnyx, you can ensure your customers stay informed at all times, and communicate critical information with programmable text-to-speech (TTS). By passing simple text strings into an API call, you can speak natural-sounding text in a wide range of languages and accents powered by Amazon Polly.

You can also build variables into your TTS strings to customize your customer experience, or play custom messages, tones and hold music from audio files to personalize your call flow.

With all of these features at the tips of your fingers via API, you can build futuristic, programmable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus for incoming calls. Simple commands allow you to gather and process inputs from your callers and route calls through your menu accordingly. Real-time media forking empowers your callers to speak their way through your menu instead of awkwardly pressing dial pad buttons.

There's a real opportunity to build the next generation of interaction with conversational AI and voice analytics. If you're tempted to get involved and want the flexibility to move as fast as the industry does, we can help. Telnyx provides an API-level black box to handle your communications layer so you don't need to hire telephony engineers—instead, you can focus on your customers.

Chat with a voice API expert today to find out how we can build together.

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