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Transcribe speech to text in real time from phone calls

With the Telnyx Voice API, real-time speech to text (STT) transcription from a phone call is simple.

By Odhran Reidy

Feature image, shows two women on the phone using speech to text

Analyzing phone call audio in real-time used to be the stuff of science fiction. Now, with Telnyx Call Control, it's as easy as A-P-I.

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Our next-generation, developer-friendly Voice API already enables advanced Conversational AI and Voice Analytics applications, through a wide range of features from programmable on-demand call recording to real-time media forking. Customers like Replicant are building the next generation of intelligent voice applications on top of Telnyx.

Now, we're excited to add another tool to our Voice API offering. Real-Time Speech-to-Text (STT) Transcription allows you to transcribe text on a live phone call, with nothing more than an API command.

Watch a live demo below - we walk through the whole process and transcribe audio from a live call, all in under five minutes!

To get set up and follow the steps in the video, you'll need to create an account. From there, create a Call Control Application, purchase a phone number, and associate it with your new application, and create an Outbound Voice Profile to associate with your application. If that all sounds a little overwhelming, don't worry - our quickstart guide walks you through this process step-by-step.

Once you've created your account and gotten set up with a phone number and Outbound Voice Profile associated with a Call Control Application, you'll need to grab an API key. Simply head to the API Keys section of the portal and create one.

From there, our video demo walks through everything you need to start transcribing phone calls! Our API Reference has ready-to-copy code for the Dial and Transcription Start commands used in the video.

How much does real-time on-call transcription cost?

Speech to Text Transcription is priced at $0.05 / minute and billed in fifteen-second increments. That's more than 30% less than transcription offerings from Twilio!

Contact our team of experts to learn more about how our transcription tools work.

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