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  • Texts to Mexico
    Insights and Resources

    How to text Mexico: A guide to business communications

    This guide provides helpful tips for texting in Mexico. Learn how to send text messages to Mexico and avoid common mistakes.

  • Woman in call center answers phone and benefits from call whispering notification
    Insights and Resources

    Call whispering: What is it, and how can you use it?

    Learn how call whispering can give your call center agents critical information to meet customer needs.

  • Call tracking attribution flow chart
    Insights and Resources

    Call tracking attribution and the customer journey

    Learn about call tracking attribution and how it can help you understand your customers' journeys.

  • VoIP network hardware
    Insights and Resources

    The ultimate guide to understanding VoIP networks

    A VoIP network allows you to place calls over the internet instead of a traditional phone line.

  • Telnyx IoT device notifications and SIM
    Insights and Resources

    How IoT device notifications keep businesses connected

    Learn how IoT device notifications can help businesses across industries stay connected and streamline operations.

  • MMS group message and broadcast message screenshots
    Insights and Resources

    MMS group or broadcast messaging: Which should you use?

    Learn the difference between MMS group and broadcast messaging, which one to choose, and best practices for effective campaigns

  • Woman communicates using different communication tools
    Insights and Resources

    Build an omnichannel customer experience in 5 steps

    In the third of our three-part retail solutions series, we explore how to build a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

  • Omnichannel retail solutions #2
    Insights and Resources

    Retail marketers: Attract and retain more customers

    In the second of our three-part retail solutions series, we dive into the benefits of building a seamless customer journey.

  • automated phone survey feature image
    Insights and Resources

    How automated phone surveys can benefit your business

    Discover what automated phone surveys are, how they work, and how businesses leverage them.

  • Healthcare communications
    Insights and Resources

    Communications APIs for healthcare

    Learn how communications APIs can help your healthcare organization communicate with more patients, more effectively.

  • Telnyx rebrand logo on green background
    News and Events

    Telnyx rebrands to reflect commitment to connectivity

    Our new brand reflects a commitment to reliable, secure global connectivity. Learn about our new look—and our upcoming offerings.

  • three people sending SMS for small business
    Insights and Resources

    SMS for small business: The basics

    Learn the basics of SMS for small businesses, who should use it, best practices, and how to get started.

  • Direct Routing vs Operator Connect text and logos
    Insights and Resources

    Direct Routing vs. Operator Connect

    Explore the differences between two bring-your-own-carrier (BYOC) methods of connecting to the Microsoft Teams platform.

  • call menu visual with two people
    Insights and Resources

    What is a call menu, and how can it help your business?

    Learn how to set up your call menu and how it can help your customers navigate your business with ease.

  • Two phones connected across the globe
    Insights and Resources

    3 benefits of BYOC for your UC platform

    Bringing your own carrier (BYOC) to your UC platform can improve global coverage and quality and decrease calling costs.

  • Pocket watch surrounded by keys to represent TOTP
    Insights and Resources

    What is a time-based one-time password (TOTP)?

    TOTPs are one of the most common methods of two-factor authentication (2FA). Learn how TOTPs can keep your data safe.

  • omnichannel retail marketing graphic
    Insights and Resources

    Retail marketers: Do you know your customers?

    In the first of our 3-part retail solutions series, we dive into why getting to know customers decreases churn and boosts ROI.

  • Feature - Debugging in Mission Control

    Debugging Communications in Mission Control

    Advanced debugging tools for your communication applications are at your fingertips in Mission Control.

  • Thumbnails showing sectors for IoT solution providers
    Insights and Resources

    Top IoT solution providers in 2023

    Choosing an IoT solution provider for your next big project? Learn about the top providers in the space.

  • City connected by edge computing network
    Guides and Tutorials

    Running on the edge: Everything you need to know

    Edge computing helps organizations process and store data quickly and locally. Learn about the edge, its benefits, and use cases.

  • SMS survey example: hands holding iPhone with speech bubble
    Insights and Resources

    SMS survey examples and best practices

    Discover best practices for crafting effective SMS surveys, and get inspired by real-world examples.

  • outbound IVR graphic with ringing cell phone
    Insights and Resources

    What is outbound IVR, & how can it increase engagement?

    Learn how outbound IVR can help you increase customer satisfaction and streamline processes.

  • SIM card connecting in different countries via IMSI switching
    Insights and Resources

    What is IMSI switching, and how does it work?

    IMSI switching allows devices to connect to networks across the globe. Learn about IMSI switching, its benefits, and use cases.

  • SIM card serves as a flower pot
    Insights and Resources

    IoT for Sustainability — How IoT is changing the world

    IoT is emerging as a viable technology for confronting environmental sustainability issues.

  • dynamic number insertion on website
    Insights and Resources

    Understanding dynamic number insertion and its benefits

    Learn how dynamic number insertion works, and discover the key benefits of this powerful marketing tool.

  • Woman in call center wearing headset smiles into camera
    Insights and Resources

    Top benefits of conversational AI for customer service

    Conversational AI can help your business save time and cut operational costs. Keep reading to learn how.

  • icon features delivery-reports
    New Products and Features

    New Messaging Deliverability Dashboard

    Messaging customers can now track real-time deliverability via dashboard.

  • Hands holding phone send texts into the ether
    Insights and Resources

    What is A2P messaging?

    A2P messaging helps businesses send automated messages to consumers. Learn more about A2P messaging and its use cases.

  • IVR call center graphic shows IVR routing
    Insights and Resources

    IVR for call centers: Top 3 benefits to consider

    Learn what IVR is and how your business can benefit from implementing it in your call center.

  • Man wearing glasses looks at text on phone
    Insights and Resources

    Leveraging SMS customer engagement to increase ROI

    Learn how SMS customer engagement can be used to deliver a positive customer experience and drive more sales.

  • voice to CRM graphic overlaid world image
    Insights and Resources

    What is voice to CRM, and how does it work?

    Voice to CRM integrates your business phone system with your customer relationship management (CRM) software. Learn how it works:

  • "What is UCaaS?" graphic on light green background
    Guides and Tutorials

    The complete guide to UCaaS

    What is Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), and why does your business need it?

  • IoT glossary related graphics
    Insights and Resources

    IoT glossary: 25 popular terms you need to know

    Your quick reference for essential cellular IoT terms and definitions.

  • global voip image of hand, phone, globally-connected network
    Insights and Resources

    Leverage global VoIP for cost savings

    Discover how global VoIP can connect people across the world and help you save on your communication solutions.

  • Self-serve voice and debugging with Bicom Systems and Telnyx

    Bicom Systems and Telnyx self-service voice & debugging

    Gain access to voice markets all across the world with Bicom Systems and Telnyx.

  • Telnyx logo and Australia image
    News and Events

    Notice for customers with Australian phone numbers

    This is an important notice for Telnyx customers in Australia. Read on if you use Telnyx for communications in A.U.

  • voice recording api text overlaid on a background that shows sound waves
    Insights and Resources

    Voice recording APIs | definition and benefits

    Voice recording APIs provide a reliable and efficient way for businesses to capture and store audio data.

  • SMS customer service graphic
    Insights and Resources

    SMS customer service—7 best practices

    Stand out from the competition by following these best practices for providing top-notch SMS customer service.

  • Zoom Phone and Telnyx

    Zoom Phone Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) with Telnyx

    Learn how you can use Telnyx as a carrier to make and receive calls to and from the PSTN with Zoom Phone.

  • person using toll-free SMS graphic

    Toll-free text messaging: Register and verify with ease

    Telnyx makes toll-free SMS (text messaging) easy with our new-to-industry API and Portal registration functionality.

  • call transcription graphic
    Insights and Resources

    Call transcription benefits

    Learn about the benefits of call transcription and how you can use this technology to make your business more effective.

  • S3 Alternative Graphic
    Insights and Resources

    Your new S3 alternative: Meet Telnyx Storage

    We dive into some of S3's shortcomings in detail, and show businesses why they should consider switching to Telnyx Storage.

  • woman showing call insights
    Insights and Resources

    Use call insights & metrics to improve CX

    Gain actionable call insights from real-time analytics, call data and reporting to improve customer experience.

  • people answering inbound calls
    Insights and Resources

    Understanding inbound calls

    An inbound call occurs when the customer initiates a call to a business, usually for sales inquiries, customer service or support.

  • S3 Alternative Storage Graphic
    New Products and Features

    Telnyx Storage: Now Available in Beta

    Be the first to experience lower-cost, lower-latency distributed object storage. Try for free today!

  • IoT SIM Card Illustration
    News and Events

    Introducing Wireless Coverage on All Major US Networks

    Today, we're excited to announce even better coverage and connectivity quality for our IoT SIM cards in the US.

  • man using click-to-call
    Insights and Resources

    Click-to-call: real-life examples and business benefits

    Click-to-call is a type of digital voice communication in which the user simply clicks a button to initiate a VoIP call.

  • Facilitating global connectivity

    Bicom Systems & Telnyx: facilitating global calling

    Learn how Bicom Systems and Telnyx are helping customers all across the world transition from the PSTN to VoIP.

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