Release notes

  • 5, Sep 2023

    Innovative Speech-to-Text for Voice API

    Try our new in-house Speech-to-Text engine for accurate and cost-effective transcription.

  • 29, Aug 2023

    Telnyx Cloud Storage Pricing Update

    Effective September 6, 2023, Telnyx Cloud Storage pricing will increase to $0.006 per GB.

  • 27, Aug 2023

    Seamless Data Transition with Telnyx

    See our cloud storage bucket migration schedule and new bucket creation availability.

  • 8, Aug 2023

    Introducing Group Messaging via MMS

    A great way to facilitate multi-party conversations

  • 7, Jul 2023

    Phoenix Area Code Changes: What to Know

    If you’re located in the Phoenix metropolitan area, three area code boundaries have been eliminated near you. Here’s what you need to know:

  • 1, Jul 2023

    Decrypted forking—updated rates

    Introducing billing for Media Streaming over WebSockets and Decrypted Forking

  • 28, Jun 2023

    Introducing Inbound Call Screening

    See how you can protect your business from unwanted spam calls with Inbound Call Screening.

  • 21, Jun 2023

    Port-Out PIN: New Layer of Protection

    Introducing Port-Out PIN Protection

  • 20, Jun 2023

    Telnyx adds PSTN Replacement in Singapore

    With this latest launch, Telnyx now supports full PSTN replacement in 33 countries.

  • 19, Jun 2023

    Ability to Control Managed Accounts via API key

    Manager Accounts can now control Managed Accounts using its Manager API key by passing in the correct header.

  • 15, Jun 2023

    Telnyx and Node-RED integration

    Telnyx’s integration with Node-RED!

  • 14, Jun 2023

    Telnyx launches Global Edge Router in open beta

    Leverage our global edge PoP network to decrease latency and keep your services online.