Announcing and our first Impact Initiative
News - 9.24.2020 - 5 min read

Announcing and our first Impact Initiative

Recent weeks and months have brought us all face to face with the injustices, prejudices, and biases that are too commonplace in our society.
It's difficult to overstate how important it is for us to support one another at a time like this. We must do everything within our power to be an agent of change by raising up organizations that are doing necessary, challenging work to be a force for good in the world.
In that vein, today, we are launching to put more of our technology in the hands of those who seek to use it for positive social change.
Our mission has always been as simple as it is necessary - to make universal communications possible. The Impact Initiative aims to bolster our commitment to this mission by providing nonprofits and social mission-driven organizations with a $500 social impact credit to use on our platform and discounts on further usage of our technology.
The Telnyx platform gives organizations better access to their supporters, beneficiaries, volunteers, and audience. Fundraisers can have their outreach seen by more people through more personalized channels like texting. Leaders can organize demonstrations and protests more effectively. Supporters can take impactful actions like calling or texting their leaders at the click of a button.
Time and time again, we've seen how increased connectivity can bring increased connectedness to our society. Through this initiative, our sincere hope is that we help bridge the digital divide and enable organizations doing crucial work to meet the most challenging issues of our time.
We look forward to working with you.

Learn more, and apply for a $500 social impact credit for your organization, at
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