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    Insights and Resources

    What is a virtual cross connect (VXC)?

    Virtual Cross Connects are private, direct connections between cloud providers.

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    New Products and Features

    Area Code Overlay Approved for 805 Area Code

    The California region currently being served by the area code 805 will soon have another area code – 820.

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    New Products and Features

    Access Level Permissions is in Beta!

    Access level permissions is in beta! Here’s how easy it is to set that up in our Mission Control cloud communications platform.

  • Bridge in Sacramento
    New Products and Features

    Area Code Overlay Coming to Sacramento

    Sacramento is adding the new area code 279 on top of the existing region served by area code 916.

  • 619
    New Products and Features

    Boundary Elimination Area Code Overlay for San Diego

    The boundary between the geographic region served by the 619 and 858 area codes in San Diego is being eliminated.

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    New Products and Features

    The new 833 Toll-free Code is Live

    Demand is at an all-time high for toll-free numbers, and the FCC opens up a new code once the pool is near exhaust.

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    New Products and Features

    New 332 Area Code Coming to Manhattan

    The city that never sleeps keeps growing, which is why New York is introducing the new 332 area code to the Manhattan borough.

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    Insights and Resources

    A UCaaS and CPaaS Primer: Part Dos

    If you’re still looking for another application-centric approach to your communication challenges.

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    Insights and Resources

    A UCaaS and CPaaS Primer: Part One

    There's a lot of aaS out there, what makes UCaaS and CPaaS the newest trends for cloud software and communication applications?

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    Insights and Resources

    A Brief History of Telephony

    Here's a brief history of telephony gallery. Can you imagine a time without the telephone? We surely couldn't!

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    New Products and Features

    Portal Feature Spotlight: Caller ID Name (CNAM)

    If you aren’t familiar, CNAM is simply Caller ID Name, which is a 15-character string normally displayed with the Caller ID.

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    New Products and Features

    Portal Feature Update: Premium Fax SIP Trunk is Here!

    Thoroughly tested to ensure T38 compatibility and eliminate many of the issues found with fax over SIP.

  • Portal Feature: Channel Billing
    New Products and Features

    Portal Feature: Channel Billing

    If having unlimited inbound minutes is like a smart business decision for your communication needs, then use Channel Billing.

  • Portal Feature: e911 Services
    New Products and Features

    Portal Feature: e911 Services

    We made our e911 services an easy activation in our Mission Control Portal

  • New IPs for Whitelisting
    New Products and Features

    New IPs for Whitelisting

    New IPs for Whitelisting. Choose Telnyx - SIP Trunk Provider, Programmable Voice and Messaging Solutions

  • Telephony
    New Products and Features

    Portal feature: access our telephony API

    We’re very proud of our Mission Control Portal and its sophisticated user interface.

  • What is VoIP Call Origination
    Insights and Resources

    SIP Trunk 101: What is Call Origination?

    Learn about call origination with Telnyx: what it is, how it works, and what to look for in a provider.

  • Choose which Point of Presence to anchor your media
    New Products and Features

    Choose which Point of Presence to anchor your media

    Do you Choose Your Point of Presence? You do with Telnyx - SIP Trunk Provider, Programmable Voice and Messaging Solutions

  • 2600 p
    Insights and Resources

    Phone System Management 2600Hz Integration with Telnyx

    Highly-scalable and open-sourced, 2600Hz is an ambitious project that allows you the chance to create your phone system management

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    Insights and Resources

    Global Network Requires Global Partnerships

    Telnyx is proud to announce partnerships with Equinix, NTT and GTT in building a network to deliver the best VoIP service.

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    Insights and Resources

    Cloud Agnostic Data Centers - Smart Architecture Part 3

    Using a cloud agnostic approach, companies can build network PoPs and cloud systems deployments in tandem.

  • voice quality thubmnail
    Insights and Resources

    Poor Voice Quality? Here’s What You Can Do to Fix It

    Update your voice solution with Telnyx SIP Trunking - SIP Trunk Provider, Programmable Voice and Messaging Solutions

  • Dangers of NAR and VoIP graphic
    Insights and Resources

    The Dangers of Network Address Translation (NAT) & VoIP

    Network Address Translation represents challenge for interactive communications.

  • Hosted-PBX-Case-Study
    Insights and Resources

    Hosted PBX: Delivering Carrier-grade Services On-demand

    PBX providers deliver a higher-quality product with Telnyx.

  • Troubleshooting-SIP-issues-using-wireshark-ngreg-and-other-network-tools-150x150
    Guides and Tutorials

    Check SIP Issues Using Wireshark, TCPDUMP and TShark

    Signalling is the most important step for establishing a connection. Use this to interrogate SIP signalling to troubleshoot issues

  • SIP meaning and terms
    Insights and Resources

    SIP meaning: common terms and definitions

    Ever wondered about the origin or meaning of particular SIP terms, acronyms or buzzwords? We shed some light in this blog post.

  • MisconceptionsOfLCR preview
    Insights and Resources

    The Misconceptions of Least Cost Routing (LCR)

    Least Cost Routing(LCR) is method of minimizing telephony costs by splitting traffic between multiple carriers and routing.

  • kamailio-logo-2015-150x150
    Guides and Tutorials

    Kamailio SIP Trunk Registration

    Here we'll guide you through setting up Kamailio to be a SIP registrar. We'll also set up a softphone to register with Kamailio..

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