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  • TWIML conferencing banner
    Guides & Tutorials

    Using Twilio TwiML Conferencing on Telnyx with PHP

    In this guide, we'll walk through how to use Twilio TwiML conferencing on Telnyx with your PHP application—it couldn't be easier!

  • Documo Resource Center Meta
    Insights & Resources

    [Case Study] Documo Built Reliable Fax with Telnyx

    Documo partners with Telnyx to build solutions for businesses that make working with documents better for the environment.

  • Ruby audio conferencing banner
    Guides & Tutorials

    Build Audio Conferencing Into Your App with Ruby

    Read the step-by-step guide to embedding feature-rich audio conferencing into your application using our Ruby SDK.

  • Sticky Sender RC banner graphic
    New Products & Features

    Feature Highlight: Sticky Sender

    The Telnyx SMS API offers programmable, feature rich texting designed to improve your customer engagement and lower your costs.

  • Number lookup ebook banner
    Insights & Resources

    Increase Lead Conversions With Number Lookup

    Implementing real-time intelligence into your inbound sales is the fastest way to start generating value with number lookup.

  • Team Scaling Communications
    Insights & Resources

    Scale Unified Communications with Telnyx

    See how you can leverage Telnyx to build scalable, secure omnichannel communications that drive collaboration and engagement.

  • Voice API explained
    Insights & Resources

    What is Voice API? Programmable Voice Explained

    Learn everything you need to know about voice APIs. From how they work, to how much they cost, must-have features and use-cases.

  • Network Point of Presence in Sydney
    New Products & Features

    Telnyx Grows In Australia With Sydney Point of Presence

    We're excited to offer our enterprise-grade SIP trunking and messaging services down under. Get up and running today!

  • Ireland Garda banner
    New Products & Features

    Emergency Services Now Available on Irish Numbers

    We’ve added emergency services dialing on Irish numbers to our international product offering.

  • International direct routing banner graphic
    New Products & Features

    International Conversational Direct Routing By Telnyx

    Our new International Conversational Direct product optimizes your call routing preference to choose a high-quality route.

  • Number lookup customer experience graphic
    Insights & Resources

    [eBook] Transform Your Customer Exp with Number Lookup

    Leverage next-generation number lookup tools to incorporate rich data about your incoming callers to your customer experience.

  • Twexit banner graphic
    New Products & Features

    Feature Release: Twexit API

    The Twexit API gives you the power to save on your messaging costs by moving your services from Twilio in minutes.

  • graphic of people walking while looking at smartphones
    New Products & Features

    SMS Number Pool: feature highlight

    Telnyx SMS API is a programmable, feature rich SMS product designed to improve your messaging experience and lower your costs.

  • Global voice eBook banner
    Insights & Resources

    Choosing a CPaaS Provider | 5 Key Features to Consider

    The right CPaaS provider can be great for your business. Here are the top 5 features to look for when choosing a CPaaS provider:

  • Spanish map overlay
    News & Events

    Spain Temporarily Suspends Number Portability

    The Spanish government confirmed on Wednesday March 18th 2020 that it would be temporarily suspending the portability of numbers.

  • The Call Tracking Market in 2020
    Insights & Resources

    The Call Tracking Market in 2020

    It’s absolutely critical for call tracking applications to provide analytics and real-time intelligence.

  • Hosted SMS how to guide
    Guides & Tutorials

    Hosted SMS: How to Guide

    A guide to start SMS hosting with Telnyx. Learn everything you need to know to get started.

  • Feature Call Control Explained
    Guides & Tutorials

    Demo: How to Make a TeXML Call Using the Telnyx API

    In this guide, we’ll show you how to initiate a basic outbound call using the Telnyx API, and control the call using TeXML.

  • Twilio TwiML Conferencing on the Telnyx Programmable Voice API
    Guides & Tutorials

    Twilio TwiML Conferencing on Telnyx

    Using TeXML Translator, you can switch to Telnyx with your existing TwiML code and the Twilio SDK. Find out how.

  • Ebook Accelerate Global Voice
    Insights & Resources

    [eBook] Accelerate Global Voice Connectivity

    Internet services and tooling has broken down geographical barriers, enabling companies to reach a global audience more easily.

  • Hippa regulations graphic
    Insights & Resources

    HIPAA Regulations & SMS

    HIPAA compliant SMS is perfectly attainable, so long as you work with the right communications partners.

  • Doctor using SMS
    Insights & Resources

    6 Healthcare SMS Use Cases

    SMS response rates and convenience make text messaging ideal for almost all caregiver-to-patient and internal communication.

  • Map of San Bernadino 840
    New Products & Features

    San Bernardino 909 Area Code Gets New Overlay

    The California region currently served by the area code 909 will soon have another area code - 840.

  • Zapier intergration graphic
    Guides & Tutorials

    Zapier Integration Guide: Text to Email

    This guide will help you set up text messaging forwarding to your email.

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