Use Cases

Application Embedded Communications

Build on the best without sacrificing agility, control or quality. Build on the Telnyx API.

Communicate with Context

Modern users want to communicate where it makes sense: in the application that has this customer’s profile, that houses the collaborative document in question, or on the social platform they’re using. Enhance user experience with in-app conversations.

Streamline Workflows

Embedding communications capabilities directly into your users’ workflows makes it less common for your users to perform actions outside your application, makes their lives easier and makes your solution invaluable.

Gather Better Insights

Customers engage with organizations over every channel, but these communications are often unattributable to marketing efforts. Embedding comms into your application makes all those conversations reportable, finally.

From Zero to Universal Communications in T-minus...

Embed Voice, Text, and More

The world is better connected than ever, and software users know it. Social media, business collaboration tools and customer-facing applications are all adopting embedded communications at a rapid rate, offering chat, voice and video conferencing. Users have become accustomed to reaching others when it’s most convenient—inside of the application that makes the most sense.

Faster Development

With the Telnyx developer API, we give you the building blocks to implement real-time communications in your apps. Our open endpoints support the provisioning and porting of phone numbers and voice connections as well as programmable text messaging functionality, to name a few.

Delight your Users

The RTC technology you embed into your application is only as good as the network behind it. The Telnyx private backbone pulls communications off the public internet at one of our globally distributed points of presence and delivers them via a Tier-1 network for fast, reliable connections every time.

Programmatic Connections

Bring users together. Don’t let development stand in the way.
In-App Support

Don’t make your users go searching for a contact number. Make your organization truly reachable by giving users support tools inside your application.

Inside Sales

Salespeople are on the phone all day long. Simplify their workflows by embedding calls directly into sales intelligence, lead management and CRM applications.

Workforce Mobilization

Notify your mobile workers of issues or project changes, and connect them with your customers inside their workforce deployment application.

Social Platforms

Any social platform that lacks real-time communication is only capturing a fraction of its users’ interactions and falls short of a true social experience online.


Buyers always have issues and questions. Embed customized shopping assistance in-app or right in their personal browsing experience.


Embed real-time communications technology into your collaboration applications for a true UCaaS experience your teams can appreciate.

I was trying to solve some of our telecommunications problems, bringing more control in house versus hosting things external. They not only made that easier but provided significant cost savings.

Joel B.
President, National Auto Data

Developer Tested API

Real-time communications by developers, for developers. Build SMS messaging and voice communications into your applications with our developer-friendly API. The API exposes the full functionality of the Telnyx system, enabling both programmable communication delivery and configuration. We handle the complexity of routing and delivery while you deliver a high quality user experience.
//Create a connection for the LA Office
//Anchor at San Jose PoP, use SRTP, enable ISUP headers

  "connection_name": "LA Office",
  "active": true,
  "dnis_number_format": 0,
  "anchorsite_override": "San Jose, CA",
  "encrypted_media": "SRTP",
  "default_routing_method": "round-robin",
  "isup_headers_enabled": true

Applications Embedded Communications Features

Outbound Calling

Untether users from their device and give them true in-app calling.


Real-time communications in one of the most used apps—the internet browser.

Number Search

Search, purchase and provision local and international phone numbers all in our API.

Programmable SMS

For when alerts, reminders and authentication can’t go undelivered.

24/7 Service

Our support engineers are available around the clock for troubleshooting and support.

High Performing Network

Our network continuously pings PoP and connections to find the path of least latency.

Global, Local Reach

Get local numbers in 60 countries around the world.

A La Carte Pricing

Next-generation solutions at wholesale rates without getting locked into a contract.

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