Six reasons to choose Telnyx


Six reasons to choose Telnyx Business-Class VoIP Services and SIP Trunks for your on-premise/cloud contact center or enterprise PBX system

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Eliminate unnecessary expenses

You only pay for the services you use, unlike traditional carrier plans. Our Mission Control portal makes it simple to manage all your services, adjust them when needed and analyze your spending.


An efficient way to scale business

Telnyx quickly provides access to Origination, Termination, and a private communications backbone to keep you connected. We are a service that grows with your business. And if you need larger solutions, our 24/7 support team can help you make it happen.


Real world dynamic capacity

Resources never go underutilized with Telnyx. You can adjust your services to fit with changing needs and automate detailed data reports to analyze usage.


Flexible and fast communications

Telnyx Mission Control is designed to easily integrate with custom environments. We provide configuration guides for interoperability with common systems. You’ll be able to make changes via the portal wherever you are, whenever you need.


Outsource the infrastructure

In-house management of communications is unnecessary and costly. We maintain the communications network and make sure everything works properly.


Around the world in seconds

A major advantage to our communications services is that you’ll have the security of knowing our architecture is deployed all over world. SIP registration will automatically anchor your media to the closest region.

  • “It is almost like none of those guys sleep. You always get a response from someone either by chat, email, or phone. It’s Fantastic.”

    Joel_B  Joel B.

  • “Moved 100% of our Domestic and Canadian origination traffic to Telnyx, and there is a noticeable improvement in call quality and completion rates.”

    Kevin M. Kevin M.

  • “I have been using Telnyx now for about a year, and I can say the call quality and usability of their portal has been excellent.”

    John T John T

  • “Phenomenal company. Willing to work with clients, partners and developers to achieve just about anything… the full access API has many features with more constantly being developed.”

    Rob Scholl Christopher M.

  • “In the beginning I needed some hand holding and support is always right there in the interface. My old provider had virtually non-existent support, so this was a breath of fresh air.”

    Rob Scholl Clay R.