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SMS API for reliable enterprise-grade messaging

Telnyx’s all-in-one Messaging API takes care of deliverability, compliance, and performance - so you can focus on building experiences that keep customers coming back.
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Our Benefits

  • Better, more transparent results

    Better, more transparent results

    In a high-engagement medium like SMS, deliverability matters. Telnyx's SMS API provides transparent, detailed delivery reports, debugging tools and expert support, and as much as 20% higher delivery rates than otherproviders.

  • Built-in compliance

    Built-in compliance

    Save time and avoid fines with our SMS API's built-in, automated compliance, efficiency and deliverability controls. This is constantly updated by our team of experts who are always ready to assist you. Which means you don’t have to think about it - it’s all part of the service.

  • Granular configuration

    Granular configuration

    At scale, tiny configuration missteps can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue or wasted spend. The Telnyx Messaging API supported by our team of experts, continuously review prices and setup to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

SMS API: Why Telnyx

SMS API that delivers results at scale

To send thousands of messages per day, you need to be on top of an ever-changing list of deliverability, compliance and technical limitations. Plus, you need to make sure you’re not wasting precious budget.

Telnyx’s all-in-one, award-winning Messaging API takes care of these details - so you can focus on building a great customer experience.

All at a great price; customers reported cutting costs by as much as 73% when switching to Telnyx.

Customer quote
Telnyx is not just a simple SMS and numbers provider, it's in fact an all-in-one efficient communications app.
Rongen Robles
Digital Manager, PROVIDERPlus
  • See our SMS API Pricing

    Customers typically save 30% by switching to Telnyx, with lower list pricing and automatic volume discounts.

    Starting at $0.004 to send or receive SMS.

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