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Programmable SMS


Send and receive texts globally with the most easy-to-use SMS API
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Numbers on demand

Global reach
Instantly provision numbers to text globally.

Toll-free SMS
Send SMS updates from branded, memorable numbers.

Short code SMS
High-volume, high throughput texting.

Send and receive MMS and SMS on the same number.

Alphanumeric sender ID
Increase open rates with a custom sender ID.

Configure your messaging profiles through the Telnyx portal or SMS API

Smart content handling

Support for any character set
Every language and emoji.

Long message concatenation
We'll automatically concatenate your long messages.

MMS rich-media support
Send and receive images, gifs or videos.

Opt-out management
Telnyx automatically handles standard opt-out replies.

Message queuing
Automatic queueing to send texts at a compliant rate.

MAY 07, 2020
“SMS messaging is a crucial part of my business and I view Telnyx as a business partner that I plan on keeping.”
Michael C
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    Customers typically save 30% by switching to Telnyx, with lower list pricing and automatic volume discounts.

    Starting at $0.004 to send or receive SMS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An SMS API is a software interface that allows developers to build code that can send and receive SMS messages using an Application Programming Interface (API).

To get started, sign up for a Portal account, then follow the steps in our quickstart guide to buy an SMS-enabled number, create a messaging profile and start sending text messages.

An SMS API works by allowing developers to simply connect our external SMS interface into your existing infrastructure, to enable a smooth passing of commands and responses from your application to the interface and back for sending and receiving of SMS anywhere in the world.

Telnyx offers market-leading prices for feature-rich SMS, starting at just $0.0025 to send an SMS on a local number, and they’re free to receive. You can find detailed pricing information here. Telnyx also offers even greater discounts as you scale, or when you’re ready to commit to monthly usage—talk to our sales team about your specific needs.

Yes, we provide SDKs in Python, Java, Node, Ruby, .NET and PHP, with more coming soon. These API wrappers help make cut down integration, so you can get to market faster.

Telnyx has the ability to scale with you and supports large scale and broadcast messaging, just make sure your messages follow the Telnyx Acceptable Use Policy.

Yes, Telnyx supports rich media texting (MMS), so you can send images, gifs or videos as needed.

Absolutely, shortcodes are perfect for sending and receiving high volume texts. You can find more information about Telnyx shortcode SMS here.

An alphanumeric sender ID lets you send messages using a custom ID constructed from a combination of alpha (a-z, A-Z) and numeric (0-9) characters as well as spaces. This makes the sender identifiable to the receiver, as companies can set their brand name as the ID (e.g., TELNYX). It's commonly used for sending one-way text messages, as the person receiving the message will be unable to reply with an Alphanumeric Sender ID.

You integrate messaging into a range of different applications Telnyx voice API—these include two-factor authentication, SMS marketing, political campaigns, customer support and many more.