Send and receive texts in Australia and beyond with the easy-to-use SMS API.

Build reliable messaging into your application—fast.

Send mission-critical messages to Australian users.

Send mission-critical messages with confidence

Reach users at scale wherever they are in the world, with triggered SMS alerts to keep them informed when it counts. Augment existing communications with AI chatbots, automating the most repetitive tasks to reduce operational strain. And, engage in text conversations to solve customer problems faster.

SMS built for developers

  • Carrier complexities? Handled.
    Choose from local and toll-free numbers, short code, or alphanumeric sender ID. Telnyx offers a deep number inventory and compliant global communications.
  • Faster go-to-market
    Integrate messaging into your application faster than ever, with comprehensive API reference docs and SDKs in your preferred language.
  • Unmatched delivery insight
    Our carrier-grade features provide enhanced deliverability and more granular reporting—giving you detailed, real time insight into message delivery.

Australian numbers on demand

Local Australian numbers
Instantly provision local Aussie SMS-enabled numbers.

Global reach
Text users anywhere in the world.

Alphanumeric sender ID
Increase open rates with a custom sender ID.

Smart content handling

Support for any character set
Every language and emoji.

Long message concatenation
We'll automatically concatenate your long messages.

Opt-out management
Telnyx automatically handles standard opt-out replies.

Message queuing
Automatic queueing to send texts at a compliant rate.

Better deliverability

Number Pool
Spread message delivery across a group of numbers.

Area-code Geomatch
Send texts from the same area code as the recipient.

Sticky Sender
Send every message to a user from the same number.

Number Lookup
Split landline and mobile numbers programmatically.

Delivery reports
Real-time delivery notification of texts sent globally.

Discover how Australian businesses are using Telnyx.

Send SMS to Your Customers Confidently

Enterprise-grade reliability, security and compliance at global scale.

Messaging that delivers.

  • Reach anyone, anywhere

    SMS with global reach. Choose from local and toll-free numbers, short code, alphanumeric sender ID, or even use your existing voice numbers.
  • Worry-free compliance

    Telnyx is a licensed carrier in 30+ countries, and we can confidently say we’re fully compliant in everything we do. So, your communications are in safe hands.
  • Support you can count on

    Our best-in-class 24/7 NOC support is available by phone and email for every single customer with no spend requirements, so your issues never need to wait until Monday.
  • Competitive pricing

    Telnyx maintains a high degree of control over our network and phone numbers, and is committed to minimising unnecessary markups and middle-men.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We’re a fully licensed carrier in Australia, which means we can offer services other cloud comms providers can’t, like emergency calling, number portability, and faxing support.

We have SDKs in Ruby, Java, Node, PHP, Python and .NET, with more coming soon. Check out our Developer Center for code snippets and step-by-step tutorials.

Yes - as a licensed carrier, we have direct access to a deep inventory of +61 numbers. You can search, buy and provision local, mobile, and toll-free (1300 and 1800) numbers through our portal or API.

Simply sign up for a Portal account, then follow the remaining steps in our quickstart guide e to buy an SMS-enabled number, create a messaging profile and assign your number to it.

We have 24/7 on-call engineers in the US, Ireland, Poland, Brazil, and Australia. You can also join our dedicated developer slack channel for answers to all your technical questions.

Yes, you can! In fact, with Telnyx FastPort®, you can automate the whole process, scheduling cutover times on-demand without having to deal with your old provider.